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Semi-Permanent (Short) £40.00 £38.00 £37.00 £35.00
Semi-Permanent (Medium) £45.00 £42.00 £41.00 £39.00
Semi-Permanent (Long) £50.00 £48.00 £47.00 £46.00
Tint Re-growth £47.00 £45.00 £43.00 £41.00
Whole Head Tint (Short) £53.00 £51.00 £50.00 £48.00
Whole Head Tint (Medium) £61.00 £58.00 £55.00 £52.00
Whole Head Tint (Long) £69.00 £65.00 £62.00 £60.00
Half Head Foils (Short) £66.00 £62.00 £59.00 £57.00
Half Head Foils (Medium) £77.00 £74.00 £70.00 £68.00
Half Head Foils (Long) £86.00 £80.00 £76.00 £73.00
Full Head Foils (Short) £79.00 £75.00 £73.00 £70.00
Full Head Foils (Medium) £94.00 £89.00 £87.00 £85.00
Full Head Foils (Long) £107.00 £101.00 £97.00 £93.50
Partial Flying Colours £49.50 £45.00 £43.00 £41.00
Semi with flying colours* £79.00 £74.00 £71.50 £69.00
colour Fresh £18.00
Hairline Touch up £25.00
Natural Gloss £23.00
Slices From £8.00
Toner From £15.00
Perfecton From £11.00
Colour Correction P.O.C
Balayage/Ombre P.O.C
Colour I.D** £11.00
Illumina Colour** £7.00

** with another service
*Semi with flying colours – £10 extra will be added if you require a permanent colour instead of Semi-permanent.

THE COLOUR STATION (free consultation including strand/skin test)
Students 15% off (with ID)
NHS Staff & Key Workers 10% off (with ID)
Senior citizens 15% off (Tues-Thurs)
New clients 20% off

Corporate rates available on Request.

Regular clients 10% off when you Re-Book and a loyalty scheme to earn 50% off a Hair cut. (Terms and conditions Apply to all above) Discounts do not apply to products, and will need to present valid ID with Your Service.
Salon policy requires 24 hours notice for cancellations or you will be subject to a 50% charge.
For all Colour and Technical services, we require a MANDATORY Skin Test and a Free Consultation AT LEAST 48 hours prior to your Appointment. Due to new Health and Safety Restrictions, we will be unable to conduct colour services for anyone under the age of 16. For all Colour and Technical services a deposit of £20 is required, the deposit is non-refundable if you miss, or cancel your Appointment with less than 24 hours notice. We reserve the right to refuse to carry out Colour or Technical services if the hair is not in a suitable condition.

We do have Gift vouchers available on request.

All Major credit cards are Accepted. Please notify us of any cancellations, which is 24 hour prior notice. Late arrival for your Appointment will reduce your treatment time or leave us unable to carry out the service. From time to time we run late and forget, we are very understanding of this, But a 50% charge will be charged on the next Appointment in Certain Circumstances. Please be aware that our prices are ‘FROM’ and there may be an additional charge depending on time spent and thickness of the hair. All of our Stylists are Trained to the highest Standard and to provide the Best Service Based on Level of Training.